Number 1 Cigars™

Cigars have been part of my life since the early 90’s when I was organizing Big Cigar Dinners
& Smoke Events in the greater Boston while managing several prominent Boston
Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs.
Back then of course you could still smoke cigars inside and it was an amazing time to create these events with the local tobacconists along with different liquor companies & vineyards and pairing them with wonderful flavors prepared by Boston’s Top Chefs.
Fast forward almost 25 years when I met an amazing cigar producer from the Dominican
Republic at Intertabac who invited me to see his production in the DR. Luck had it that I had
been vacationing in the DR for a few years and I reached out to him during one of my trips.
Over a series of visits we formulated a partnership and I was able come up with a few
proprietary blends of tobacco that I find of superb quality unlike any other cigars on the
market today. Number 1 Cigars was born!

If you are wondering who the cigar smoking Jack Russell Terrier is in our logo she is the real
No.1 as she was the firstborn of a litter of 4 and remains our No.1 Dog.

My cigars are a work of passion for boutique handmade cigars and I make sure every single
one is made perfectly for you.

With lots of smoke yours truly,

Alex von Salad – Owner & Blender


Alex von Salad

Alex von Salad

owner & blender

Alex von Salad came to the US in the late ’80s to study in Boston. A graduate of Deerfield Academy, Boston College, and Berklee College of Music, Alex has been spending the last 30 years in hospitality. Throughout his career, he has lived and operated establishments in Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, NYC, the Hamptons, Miami, Aspen, Park City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

From construction and management to running his own restaurant kitchens as well as operating some of the best nightlife venues in the US, Alex has covered a vast spectrum of hospitality and has been blessed to have friends from all over the world.  Dubbed by his friends as the original “most interesting man in the world” his passions include cigars, food, and wine.  2019 marked a new step in his life as he purchased a large farm property in upstate New York near Kingston.

In early 2020, he resigned from his last consulting job in Miami and moved to the farm fulltime to pursue his new endeavor of growing specialty vegetables and making goat cheese.  He is also busy writing his first book named “the first 50 years” based on his adventurous life thus far. Cigars are a daily companion for him and he’s often found walking his acreage with his dog and a cigar in hand, both named: Number 1.


Number One

Number One


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Shawn Darby

Shawn Darby


Shawn has seen many different types of people and places. He has gone from the computer industry to touring the world with the biggest bike builders on the planet to bartending and bouncing at local clubs and back again.

Shawn has also run and owned some of the largest motorcycle shops on the east coast. He has designed and built dozens of innovative custom motorcycles including an all electric first of its kind, drag bike that contained two computer servers on board streaming real time data to its own website.  He has spent 6 years touring exclusively with the Discovery Channel and Russell Mitchell of Exile Cycles. In that time he has logged thousands of miles done hundreds of events including Judging Motorcycle and Tattoo contests. 

Shawn also has been featured in many National and International magazines, radio and television events. Has been on the Discovery Channel and acted in the television series Homicide. He also has been contracted as a paid MC and voice talent for many Motorcycle Events.  One of those events was The Delaware Cigar Festival. That was over 10 years ago. Since then he has worked in the cigar industry in sales and development for one of the largest cigar shop chains in the United States.


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